Paint Therapy is the way I am healing from the death of my marriage.

I was married for 31 years, and I never wanted to get divorced. For reasons I won’t go into in this article, I could not live with lies any longer, and finally at age 59, got divorced. I realize now, that without my painting hobby, I would not be making progress being alone in my new life.

I have just uploaded my first book called, Paint therapy: Painting from photographs in watercolor. In this book, I explain my step by step process for entering the zone where I feel calm and able to forget my past, future, and focus on the present. Finally, I am happy just living in the NOW. My book is not perfect, like me, it is in the process of change.

I am in the process of changing the cover and correcting typos. My book will always be a work in progress, but I feel stronger having uploaded my first attempt. I want to share with others, especially younger friends, that you never get too old to start over and live your truth. I am healing from a way of life that was comfortable, but one that was a lie. When my marriage died (to death do us part), I had to learn to live with uncertainty every single day. Would I have enough money for taxes? Could I really travel downtown Atlanta in that traffic by myself in the dark? Yes, I am still alive. Even more alive, because I have faced, and lived with the truth.

Like I said from the beginning, I never wanted my marriage to die. I am no longer going to focus on that death. Instead, I am focusing on living. On painting, and my other full time job, selling real estate. My current book, Paint Therapy: Painting from photographs in watercolor is the way I am spending a lot of my alone time. I have sold more than 200 paintings from photographs, see, and now I offer my method so that I can help other people deal with their problems. Paint Therapy is just one kind of therapy, one way to heal from loss, grief, sickness. Please check out my book, Paint Therapy: Painting from photographs in watercolor on Let me know if you have questions!

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